What is Kik Messenger App and How to Use it

Kik messenger is a free messaging app freely available for Windows mobile devices, Amazon and iOS. This app is alternative to traditional text messaging programs. Kik combines multiple apps into one which makes it easier for users to instantly share texts, videos, photos, sketches and more with a few commands.

If you want to send a message to your friend with the Kik app, go to the speech bubble menu and touch the friend’s name. This command opens a chat. Next, touch on “Type a message” box. In the box, type your message and then touch “Send” after finishing your message. The “Send” button may appear like a blue speech bubble. Touching the speech bubble is another way of sending your message.

You can add emoticons to add character and fun to your message. Emoticons are graphics representation of facial expressions. To add an emoticon to your message, just touch the smiley face button. After touching this button, a menu that features a variety of emoticons will appear to help you choose the most suitable one to accompany your message. More emoticon options can be bought from the Kik store. The “+ button” will lead you to Kik store.

It’s also very easy to add a video or photo if you want it to accompany your message. Find a small + button to the left of the “Type a message” box. Press the + button. If you have enabled Kik program to access your image and video files, you will be able to see your videos and your photos. You only need to touch a photo to add it to your message or add a message to accompany your video or photo. After you are through with adding the photo or video of your choice, touch the speech bubble button or touch “Send” to send the intended content. If you want to delete or make changes to the image or video you want to send with Kik, just touch the video or photo and then touch “Delete”. Always remember that it is not possible to delete a message, photo, video or other content after you have already send it. It is therefore good to recheck what you are sending to friends or family to avoid embarrassing experiences.

Kik messenger service is versatile and gives you convenient mobile communication at an affordable price compared to regular text messaging. This user-friendly app can be used in an instant with high-speed internet.

Kik Online – How To Use Kik Online On Your PC

Kik is a trendy text messaging service that operates differently from the ordinary texting services. This messaging service uses log-in names chosen by the user unlike traditional service which uses contact numbers to connect with friends. Kik not only allows you to send messages but enables users to send photo messages, videos as well as files. Unlike with phones, you don’t have to give your contact numbers with Kik as the messaging service requires you to have a username. This is essential for starters using Kik online for the first time.

It’s possible to use Kik messenger online through your computer. To perform the Kik online login, you need to know how to use Kik messenger app on your PC. To install the app on your computer, you will need to use Android emulator software. After the Kik software is installed, you can sign up the application process. Once Kik app is installed on your PC, it is possible to access all the features of Kik app. These include sending numerous free text messages, finding new friends as well as sending and receiving videos among other files.

After you have successfully downloaded the Kik app for your PC, you will need to sign-up with Kik online. Go to the apps tab of your Android emulator software to see the installed app. Click on the messenger. If it is your first time to sign up with Kik online, you will see an option to “Login” or “Register” to your account. Click on the option to go to the details section. On this section, fill in all of your details needed in creating an account. These include your First and Last Names. You also need to enter your birth date, email address, a unique Username for your Kik account and a strong password. After filling in all of these details, click the “Register” button to create your account. Next, click on the “Login” button and fill in your username and password to login into your account.

You can then add friends from your contacts or find new ones from around the world with the help of their usernames and chat with them. Logging into your kik account will also enable you to sync all of your Kik messenger conversations from your Android or iPhone on to your computer. This Kik online login is a fun way to connect with your friends if you are tired of using your Android or iPhone due to the small size or other reasons.

Kik Login – How To Sign In to Kik With Your Mobile Phone

It’s easy to use Kik on your mobile device after opening an account. To register an account, start by opening Kik on your mobile device. Next, touch the “Register” button. A New Account screen will pop up. On this screen, you will see options to fill in your personal information in the right boxes. Some of the required information includes your first and last name, birth date, email address and a unique username which will help other Kik users identify you. In the password box, put a strong password that you will always use anytime you need to log into your account. Avoid putting an obvious password that can be guessed by imposters. After filling all the necessary information, touch “Register” to open an account. An account will be created for you. If you already have an account, touch “Log In” and fill in your details in the relevant boxes.

If you are a first timer in Kik, you will be given an option to find your friends from your contacts and others from around the world. If you agree, the program will use the phone numbers, names and email addresses in your phone’s contact list to find people you know on Kik. You also have an option to find friends on Kik later. Find friends manually on Kik by going to the home screen and tap on the gear icon. Next, go to the Chat Settings which should lead you to Address Book Matching.

In cases where you can’t log into your Kik account due to a forgotten password, your email address will come in handy. Kik may at times ask you to confirm your email address. Kik does this by sending you an email with the subject “Welcome to Kik Messenger! …”. The message asks you to confirm your details. To do this, open your email and go to “Click here to complete your sign-up”. This will help you confirm your email. If you can’t find this email, you can check in any spam mail or junk folders. If the email is completely unavailable, you can request KiK to resend it to help you complete the email address confirmation process.

Kik does not share your private details with anyone. For your security, you should never share your Kik account password with anyone. You can only share your username with your friends. Kik allows you to completely secure your account by adjusting your private settings.